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Iranian sweet pomegranates exports

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Sweet taste pomegranatesBenefits of sweet pomegranateIranian sweet pomegranatesExport Iranian pomegranatePomegranate exports to neighboring countriesPomegranate exports to Europe and Canada
Iranian sweet pomegranates

Pomegranates are native fruit of Iran and as the biggest producer of pomegranates in the world, they play an important role in the Iranian cuisine and culture. Iranian sweet pomegranates exports is also a big multi-million dollar industry, and there are customers for these fruit, from all over the world.

The pomegranate market seems to be in good shape and the demands for the fruit are constantly increasing.  More and more people are familiar with the amazing benefits of pomegranate. This has led to an increase in international demand. Pomegranate producer companies are benefiting from this fact and are planning to expand their production.

Iranian sweet pomegranates

Sweet taste pomegranates

There are a lot of different types of pomegranates cultivated in Iran. Usually, pomegranate gets a sweet taste when it comes to sunlight. For this reason, most pomegranates grown in the northern regions of Iran, because they always have cloudy weather, pomegranates are sour.

On the other hand, many Iranian sweet pomegranates are produced in the central and southern regions. For this reason, there is natural sunlight in these pomegranates. Also the state of Yazd and the city of Saveh are really famous for their sweet pomegranates.

These types of pomegranates come in different red shapes. Very popular in local and international markets around the world.

Iranian sweet pomegranates

Benefits of sweet pomegranate

The juice of a single sweet pomegranate has more than 40% of the daily requirement of vitamin C of an adult person. Antioxidants in the juice and their high concentration believed to stall the progress of Alzheimer disease. Also, protect memory.

Pomegranate’s juice contains higher levels of antioxidants than most other fruit juices. Studies have also shown that the pomegranate juice improves blood flow and keeps the arteries from becoming stiff and thick.

Iranian sweet pomegranates

Iranian sweet pomegranates

Iranian sweet pomegranates are a type of local cultivars that are extremely healthy. They generally harvested from September until November. The states of Fars, Khorasan, Isfahan and Yazd are the biggest producers of these sweet fruits. Studies suggests that these pomegranates are also richer in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.

Most of the pomegranates farms in the world dedicated to this variety of the fruit. And they are both enjoyed fresh, and processed.

Iranian sweet pomegranates

Export Iranian pomegranate

Iran is the largest and most renowned name in the pomegranate industry. It is also certainly one of the largest exporters. Iranian pomegranates are famous, not only because of their massive production, but also for their excellent quality.

he Iranian pomegranates known as a pretty big and reliable brand in the international markets. There are also a lot of countries interested in these Iranian products. Recently, South Korea joined them as a big customer.

Iranian sweet pomegranates

Pomegranate exports to neighboring countries

Around 100000 tons of fresh pomegranates exported from Iran every year. Officials also expect this amount to increase to 130000 in the following year. The biggest shoppers of the Iranian sweet pomegranates are Middle Eastern and neighboring countries.

Iraq is also the biggest importer of this Iranian fruit and supplies most of its markets from Iranian products. The United Arab Emirates and Russia are also two of the neighbors with high amounts of import.

Iranian sweet pomegranates

Pomegranate exports to Europe and Canada

Iranian pomegranates, especially fruits from the city of Saveh, are famous. From European countries and Canada, many customers are demanding the purchase of Iranian pomegranates. These pomegranates used for fresh consumption or to make side products like juices, jellies, and pomegranate extracts.

There are also some plans by the Iranian officials to increase their export to these countries and expand their markets. These fruits considered as a delicacy in the target countries, especially in first world countries. They are mostly organic and full of good vitamins and antioxidants and are great for the heart.

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