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Persian cucumber varieties to buy

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Iran is an important cucumber exporting countryPersian cucumber varietiesIranian cucumbers for exportBarbed cucumber exportCucumber export to neighboring countriesWholesale price of cucumbers
Persian cucumber varieties

Cucumbers are one of the most common vegetables cultivated by humans and are planted, all over the planet, they also come in three varieties of Slicing, Pickling and burp less. There are a lot of different Persian cucumber varieties to buy that contains all three main varieties of cucumbers.

Persian cucumbers are cylindrical and squat, averaging only 10 to 15 centimeters in length, and have a very thin skin. Also thanks to the numerous greenhouses in the country, Persian cucumbers will be available all year long.

Persian cucumber varieties

Iran is an important cucumber exporting country

According to the FAO, Iran is actually the fourth largest cucumber producer. As a result, Iran after China, Russia and Turkey with an annual production of 1.7 million tons. Iran exports more than 200000 tons of its cucumbers every year.

The biggest customers of the Iranian cucumbers are Middle Eastern countries, but there are products, sent to all over the world. There are also many different types of Iranian cucumbers in different countries. Accordingly, the export and marketing of this fruit make it much easier.

Yazd province is the largest producer of cucumbers in Iran. While Yazd province supplies 23 percent of the country’s total production.

Persian cucumber varieties

Persian cucumber varieties

There are a lot of different varieties of cucumbers produced in different climates, conditions and seasons in Iran. There are Iranian cucumbers that belong to all three main categories of cucumbers which are Slicing, Pickling, and burp less.

Organic cucumbers are harvested in the open farms all over the country. There are also a lot of greenhouses in Iran. Greenhouses are a better choice for places with dry climates since. They use less water, in contrast have a high production rate.

Persian cucumber varieties

Iranian cucumbers for export

These vegetables are among the many products that Iranians export.  There are also a lot of different Persian cucumber varieties. And each of these varieties is the favorite of a specific country. Iranian cucumbers are imported for fresh consumption and also for making pickles.

The thin skin and the seedless nature of the Persian cucumbers, makes them an ideal target for pickling purposes. They also have a very sweet taste, and can enjoyed fresh with salads and food.

Persian cucumber varieties

Barbed cucumber export

Barbed cucumbers are one of the oldest cultivars of cucumbers that has its origins in the ancient Rome and Greece. These cucumbers covered in dots and have a crunchy flesh, which makes them an ideal choice for making pickles.  They are also have a high tolerance against pests and other farming problems and are a good economical choice.

There a lot of barbed cucumbers produced in states of Yazd and Kerman with plans to increase the production and export.

Persian cucumber varieties

Cucumber export to neighboring countries

Iraq id one of the biggest costumers of Iranian agricultural products.  The short distance between the two countries have also made these deal, more convenient and faster. Cucumbers are also among the products that sent to Iraq on a yearly basis.

Other countries interested in Iranian cucumbers are the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Afghanistan. There were more than 188000 tons of Persian cucumber varieties, exported to these countries last year.

Persian cucumber varieties

Wholesale price of cucumbers

The wholesale price of cucumbers determined by a lot of factors like the cucumber’s type, and its quality. Generally, organic cucumbers that grow on open fields are more popular and more expensive. But cucumbers growing in the greenhouse are cheaper than other cucumbers.

Also cultivars like Persian cucumbers which have thinner skins, sweeter flesh and less seeds are more expensive and in high demand. The prices of shipments, packaging, and distribution also added to the final price.

Cucumbers are also very delicate and have a short lifetime, so transporting them over long distances will definitely cost more.


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