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Red Delicious apple exporters from Iran

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Iran's rank in the world by apple productionProduction of high quality Red Delicious apple in IranApple exporters from IranApple exports to the Middle EastApple exports to EuropeRed Delicious apple price
Red Delicious apple exporters

A vast majority of the Iranian apple farms are dedicated to Red and Golden Delicious apples which are considered as autumn fruit and are grown on a commercial scale. There are a lot of companies and individuals which are Red Delicious apple exporters from Iran, and send this fruit to various countries.

Red Delicious apples are a genetically clone of the original apple cultivate, which now contain more than 50 different cultivars themselves. They were first recognized in Madison County in the state of Iowa in the United States in 1880.

These apples are rounder than other cultivars and have a vibrant red skin, and also come with a sweet and firm flesh.

Red Delicious apple exporters

Iran’s rank in the world by apple production

Apple is one of the most popular and widely grown fruits in the world. And different countries produce about 90 million tons of apples annually. China, the United States and Poland are the top three apple producers. Almost these countries have an annual production of 44.4, 4.6 and 3.6 million tons.

Red Delicious apple exporters

According to statistics provided by the FAO, Iran is the largest producer of apples in the Middle East and North Africa. And it’s also the sixth largest producer in the world. Iran produces around 2.8 million tons of apples every year. In Iran, different types of apples are produced. And many Delicious red apples exporters are interested in this kind of product in the country.

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Production of high quality Red Delicious apple in Iran

There are more than 7500 official types of apples with the most common being:

  • Red
  • Golden Delicious
  • Fuji
  • Granny Smiths
  • McIntosh Red.

More than 86 percent of the Iranian apple production is for Red and Golden Delicious varieties. Farmers in the different parts of the country produce about 1.47 million tons of Red Delicious every year. These grow on organic farms. Most of them are considered as the best apples in the region.

Red Delicious apple exporters

Apple exporters from Iran

Iran exports its apples to more than 24 countries in the world. Officials also report of a 70% increase in the export amounts over the past 10 years. Iran exports around 145000 tons of apples every year with millions of dollars in value.

Most of these apples are also from the Red and Golden Delicious varieties. Golden and red apples exporters are really interested in these products. They also sell them to countries like Russia, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates annually.

Red Delicious apple exporters

Apple exports to the Middle East

Iran is the largest apples producer in the Middle East. In addition to satisfying local markets, exports and an annual average of 145,000 tons of apples. Iraq is the largest Middle Easter importer of the Iranian apples.

There are also some Apples being exported to countries like Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates. Turkey is also among the largest apples producers in the world. That is why the short distance to the Middle East works well in the markets.

Red Delicious apple exporters

Apple exports to Europe

A lot of European countries import apples on a yearly basis. We must also note that some of them are big apple producers and exporters. Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are the biggest importers of apples in Europe.

There are also some Eastern European countries than import large quantities of apples. Golden and Red Delicious apple exporters always try to sell their products in Europe due to their popularity and ease of sale in there.

Red Delicious apple exporters

Red Delicious apple price

Apples market is very competitive because it has a lot of apples. It seems that every company tries to offer customers the best apple with the lowest possible prices. The advancements in technology have really helped the apple markets in the past years.

They made the farming, and distribution stages much cheaper and faster. As a result, big fruit companies now are focused on promoting their products and also increasing their quality. The packaging is also an important indicator of the apple’s final market price.

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