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Bunch of grapes for export from Iran

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Annual grape consumption in the worldDifferent types of grape varieties in IranExport Grapes From IranPrices per ton of Iranian grapesBranch grapes on the market
Bunch of grapes

There are many different types of grapes produced in different regions of the world and they have a bunch of grapes for exports from Iran every year. Iranian grapes are very versatile and healthy, and enjoyed by different people both within the country, and from other parts of the world.

There are a bunch of grape trivia which could be said about the amazing health benefits of these small fruits.  Among many nutrients found in grapes, these vine-growing fruits contain compounds with antioxidant properties called flavonoids. These rare antioxidants are essential for regulating blood pressure and assuring the health of your hearts.

Bunch of grapes

Annual grape consumption in the world

Global grape production currently amounts to more than 75 million metric tons per year produced in over 18 million acres of cultivated vineyards. A large part of these grapes produced, are table grapes which consumed by the people from all over the world.  Italy produces the majority of the world’s grapes, with an annual grape production of 8,307,514 metric tons.

Bunch of grapes
Iran is also among the top ten producers of this amazing fruit in the world with more than 2 million metric tons of production. There are a bunch of grape cultivars from Iran which are specifically bred for fresh consumption. They are also set to many different countries in Asia and other places.

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Different types of grape varieties in Iran

Iran is a vast country with different climates and soils, in various state, which all are very different from each other. As a result, there are a whole bunch of grape varieties grown in Iran. These different cultivars produced in the vineyards of Iran, all have different qualities and consumed for different purposes.
Researchers and many studies have found that including grapes in one’s diet can actually be good for health as it has numerous health benefiting properties. That’s why fresh consumption of grapes is so popular these days. Most of the exported Iranian grapes also used for consumption.

Bunch of grapes

Export Grapes From Iran

Most of the grapes exported by Iran, table grapes used for fresh consumption. Grapes are easily available in the markets throughout the year, because they grown in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Iranian grapes on the other hand mostly harvested from mid-summer to mid-autumn.
Iranian grapes are famous for their quality and amazing taste among the importing countries of the world. Most of the Iranian grapes sent to Middle Easter countries like Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. There also a bunch of grapes exported to other countries like Russia.

Bunch of grapes

Prices per ton of Iranian grapes

There more than a hundred official Iranian cultivars with a whole bunch of grape pieces which vary. Most of the Iranian exports of table grapes which considered high quality. These grapes mostly used for fresh consumption and considered as luxurious items.
As it is clear, these Iranian cultivars which used for fresh consumption a little bit more expensive from the other cultivars. These table grape cultivars are mostly seedless, and are bigger in size. The other types of grapes are also available on the markets, but used for making side products.

Bunch of grapes

Branch grapes on the market

There are a whole bunch of grapes varieties available on the international markets. Many grape producing countries of the world have their own special grape cultivars that only grown and harvested in that country. There are also a lot of different Iranian grape varieties famous worldwide like Rish Baba, Askari, and Black and White seedless.
These Iranian cultivars known as an Iranian brand, on fruit and vegetable markets from all over the world. They also mostly grown organic which only add to their popularity. Iranian grapes enjoyed in a lot of the Middle Eastern and West Asian countries. There also a lot of grapes which sent to the European Union countries in the west.

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