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Kiwi fruit export from Iran

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Iran is one of the largest kiwi producers in the worldGreen and golden kiwi production in IranIranian Kiwi exports to Middle Eastern countriesPrice per ton of kiwiKiwi fruit export
Kiwi fruit export

Kiwi fruit export from Iran account for a big part of the country’s agriculture, as Iran is among the top five producers of kiwi fruit in the world. The Iranian kiwis usually hit the markets during autumn and are exported to many countries of the world, mostly Middle Eastern and west Asian.

Kiwis are truly a miracle food and one of the few fruits that contain both vitamin C and vitamin D in them. The vitamin C is found in the flesh of the fruit and is a great way to boost the body’s immune system, and vitamin D also found in the black seeds. The Kiwi fruit export in the world is constantly increasing and more and more of this fruit being produced.

Kiwi fruit export

Iran is one of the largest kiwi producers in the world

Iran is actually the fourth largest producer of kiwi fruits in the world and accounts for nearly 7% of the total production of the world. All of the Iranian kiwis produced in the three northern states of the country right under the Caspian Sea. These states located between a sea and a series of mountains and have the perfect mild humid climate for producing high quality kiwis.
Iranian Kiwi fruit export reach many countries of the world not only in Asia, but in Europe and North America as well. Their popularity is due to their high quality and organic nature. Most of the kiwis exported by Iran are also of the green Hayward cultivar.

Kiwi fruit export

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Green and golden kiwi production in Iran

The production of the green kiwis began in Iran over 30 years ago, when it was cultivated in the northern states. It quickly became one of the most popular agricultural products in these regions and many people started farming them. Today, the products of these states rank Iran among the top 5 producers of kiwis in the world. Also golden kiwis have become popular in the world recently.
New Zealand is the biggest producer of them, but Iran is cultivating them on large scales as well. Currently, golden kiwis do not account for a big part of Iranian Kiwi fruit export, but they will in the near future.

Kiwi fruit export

Iranian Kiwi exports to Middle Eastern countries

Most of the Iranian Kiwi fruit export are to the Middle Eastern and west Asian regions. There are many different reasons for these exports, with the first being the high quality of the Iranian kiwis. Also after China, Iran is the biggest producer of the fruit in Asia.
Since China consumed most of the kiwis produced within the country, Iran can have a big share of the export markets. Other big competitors of Iran are also either in another region, or have a different harvesting season. Also the short distance between Iran and the importing countries will make the trade more profitable.

Kiwi fruit export

Price per ton of kiwi

The wholesale price in the kiwi fruit’s export process can vary due to many different factors. Each country exports its own kiwis which are different in taste, quality, shape and even color. Different cultivars f kiwis have different qualities, and thus different wholesale market prices.
The most popular kiwi in the world is the green Hayward kiwi which accounts for more than half of the kiwis produced in the world. Also a big part of the fruit’s price is due to the transportation costs between the exporters and importers. That’s why most countries import from the closest producer.

Kiwi fruit export

Kiwi fruit export

Kiwi fruit export is a big international business, and carried out by many countries of the world all year long. Iranian kiwis hit the markets in the fall and dominate the west Asian markets easily. China is the biggest producer of kiwis in the world, but most of the kiwis consumed within the country. New Zealand and Italy are the other two big producers in the world and Iran’s rivals in the markets.
The Italian kiwis mostly exported to other European countries and mostly do not reach Asian markets. New Zealand on the other hand is the biggest exporter of kiwis in the world and dominates a big share of the markets. They located on the southern hemisphere and their products hit the markets in spring.