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The benefits of each color of bell pepperProduction of bell pepperExported red bell pepper PackedIranian bell pepper sellersPrices of bell pepper by Vitarad company
Buy red bell pepper

Bell peppers are among the most versatile, popular, and healthy vegetables in the world and produced on large commercial scales in the farms of Iran. A lot of the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries Buy red bell pepper from Iranian sellers every harvesting season.

Green bell peppers are actually the immature unripe version of bell peppers, and will change their color to red if they stay on the plant long enough. Red bell peppers are also much healthier because they stay on the farm for longer and absorb more nutrients. A lot of people Buy red bell pepper, because they are familiar with their amazing health benefits.

Buy red bell pepper

The benefits of each color of bell pepper

Bell peppers are generally very healthy vegetables with a lot of different benefits for the body, and the skin. The most amazing thing about them is that they are a great source of vitamin C, which is a natural booster of the humans’ immune system. Bell peppers are also very low in calories!
So, even if you eat one full cup of them, you get just about 45 calories into your body. Red bell peppers contain several phytochemicals and carotenoids, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. They are also the healthiest among different bell pepper colors and contain more nutrients than all. That’s why many prefer to Buy red bell pepper.

Buy red bell pepper

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Production of bell pepper

China is the main producer of these products in the world and dominated the markets by producing more than half of the bell peppers in the world. It also consumes a large part of these products because of the high population. But still majority of the world’s bell peppers produced in Asia. Iran is among the largest global producer of different bell peppers as well.
The Iranian bell peppers are grown in both open farms and greenhouses from all over the country. They are also enough exports on large scales and a lot of Neighboring countries and companies Buy red bell pepper from Iran.

Buy red bell pepper

Exported red bell pepper Packed

Packaging considered a great step in exporting or distributing fruits and vegetables. Not only it keeps them safe from harms and heat, it also makes them more presentable to the customers. The shipping process is also quite impossible without the proper packaging of the bell peppers.
Different colored bell peppers often packaged separately, and many customers prefer to order a specific amount of each color. Or for example some of them might just Buy red bell pepper. The companies usually package and export the products as fast as possible in order to send them to the markets fast.

Buy red bell pepper

Iranian bell pepper sellers

Iranian bell peppers are an internationally recognized product, and well received in many markets. They come in different colors and exported to many Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. There are also a lot of fruit companies that package the bell peppers and prepare them for exports. A lot of the importing markets Buy red bell pepper from the Iranian sellers.
They exported to many countries with the biggest customers being Iraq, Russia, and the UAE. They are also available for exports all year long, since they have the ability to be grown in greenhouses.

Buy red bell pepper

Prices of bell pepper by Vitarad company

Considering the high quality of the Iranian bell peppers, Vitarad company offers some of the best global prices. The global fruit and vegetable markets are becoming more and more competitive every year. There are many new companies that are trying to offer the highest quality products with the lowest prices. Iranian bell peppers on the other hand known internationally as a brand.
They mostly grown organic and are in top shelf condition in terms of taste and quality. Vitarad company collects the highest quality bell peppers from farms and local markets of all over the country and prepares them for exports. A lot of foreign countries and fruit companies Buy red bell pepper from Vitarad.

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