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Orange bell peppers for export from Iran

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Difference between orange and red bell pepperWhat are the ingredients of Orange bell peppers?Production of orange bell pepper in IranPackaged Orange bell peppers in carton PlastBell pepper exports from Iran
Orange bell peppers

Bell peppers are amazing nutritious vegetables that come in different colors that range from green to orange and red, and owe part of their popularity to these versatile colors. Orange bell peppers for export from Iran are one of the hottest items on the international fruit and vegetables markets of the world.

Orange bell peppers are a rich source of antioxidants which can help protect your cells from damage and keep them young. They are also available in a variety of colors, including green, red, yellow, purple, orange, white, and even brown. Bell peppers are one of the healthiest vegetables on the international markets and suggested for every diet.

Orange bell peppers

Difference between orange and red bell pepper

Most of the bell peppers come from the same plant and are only in different stages of their lifetime, hence the various colors. They all start from green and as they will grow older and more mature, will turn yellow, orange, and finally red. Even though these bell peppers almost taste the same, they are very different in nutritional values.
Red bell peppers are the healthiest among them and are higher in the nutritional value chart. Vitamin C is one of the most important and useful nutrients that are fund in these amazing colorful vegetables. The amounts of this vitamin in red bell peppers are much higher than the amount in green or orange bell peppers.

Orange bell peppers

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What are the ingredients of Orange bell peppers?

All of these vegetables including orange bell peppers are full of different vitamins and minerals. All peppers loaded with antioxidants, but none so much as the brightly colored reds, yellows, and oranges. Bell peppers provide a large volume of food for little calories and carbohydrates and virtually no fat.
One cup of raw peppers contains 39 calories, 9 grams’ carbohydrate, 3 grams’ fiber, contributing to 12 percent of your daily fiber needs. Like most vegetables bell peppers have only a small amount of protein. Bell peppers are also a very good source of vitamin E, and vitamin K.

Orange bell peppers

Production of orange bell pepper in Iran

While green varieties are typically available all year, red and orange bell peppers are usually available during the summer and fall. They are grown in both open farms and greenhouses in Iran. Iran is among the top ten producers of them in the world. Iran’s production is enough to completely supply the local markets, and also export these peppers to foreign markets on large scales.
Bell peppers of Iran are large in size, have a vibrant color, ad are mostly grown organically. Al of these characteristics, made them one of the best in the world, and also very popular on the markets.

Orange bell peppers

Packaged Orange bell peppers in carton Plast

The biggest problem with the orange bell peppers is their short shelf life. So one of the main tasks of the packaging process is to solve this problem with shelf life extending technologies. After they harvested, fruits and vegetables live on and have a limited shelf life. To extend it, there are specific materials and methods which used by the companies.
The packaging also must be able to protect these fragile vegetables from heat and physical harms all through the shipping and distribution processes. Some of these packages are really costly, and could add to the final price of the peppers.

Orange bell peppers

Bell pepper exports from Iran

Every year, there are thousands of tons of green, red, yellow, and orange bell pepper exports from Iran. These bell peppers exported mostly to the neighboring countries in the Middle East region. Iranian bell peppers exported to Russia and some European countries as well. These bell peppers in perfect shape and packaged nicely to attract the customers in those markets.
Different colored bell peppers usually packed in different boxes for exports, because some colors are in higher demands than others. Generally, green colored bell peppers are a little bit less popular on the international markets. Nevertheless, they also imported by many countries, as the peppers exported by Iran are one of the best.

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