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Export red and yellow sweet peppers

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Red and yellow sweet peppers are two popular colorsWhat are the benefits of yellow sweet peppers?Export packaging of red and yellow sweet peppersExport of sweet peppers from IranIranian Sweet Peppers on the International Market
Yellow sweet peppers

Bell peppers are among the healthiest and most popular vegetables on earth which also produced by Iran on very large commercial scales. They come in different colors, with some being more popular than the others, and a lot of fruit companies export red and yellow sweet peppers from Iran.

Green bell peppers are the most common color in the stores, red and yellow bell peppers contain much more vitamins and minerals. They have a sweet taste and are a favorite for cooking, because they pair well with a variety of other ingredients. They are available in most of the markets all year long, and are an absolute favorite of most of the people.

Yellow sweet peppers

Red and yellow sweet peppers are two popular colors

There are many different colors of these sweet peppers like the green, orange, red, and the yellow bell peppers, with some rare cultivars which are white, brown or purple. Normal bell peppers are all green at one point in their life and then will turn into red when they are finished growing.
So the red bell peppers actually the ripened fruit, and the green ones are the unripe immature versions. Red bell peppers are actually proven to be the healthiest among these peppers. They stay on the plant for the longest and as a result will absorb the most amounts of nutrients. Because of these facts, red and yellow sweet peppers are more popular among people.

Yellow sweet peppers

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What are the benefits of yellow sweet peppers?

There are many health benefits in consuming yellow bell peppers. First of all, they are one of the greatest sources of vitamin C, among vegetables. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that also helps protect your cells from damage caused by the environment.
The red colored bell peppers have also got 1.5 time more vitamin C, than the immature red bell peppers. They have also got some levels of vitamin A, which is essential to eyesight and can prevent illnesses like night blindness. One yellow bell pepper also contains 48 micro grams of folate, which about 10 percent of the daily needs.

Yellow sweet peppers

Export packaging of red and yellow sweet peppers

The packaging of bell peppers is a very important step in their exporting process. Bell peppers are so fragile and sensitive to physical harms and heat. The main duty of the packages is to protect the bell peppers from harms, and make the transportation and storage processes easier.
Different colored bell peppers usually separated by their colors, before they shipped. So there might just be a box that consisted only of red, or yellow bell peppers. Different colored bell peppers have different demand levels, and it’ll be easier for distributers when they are separated.

Yellow sweet peppers

Export of sweet peppers from Iran

Iran is among the top ten producers of bell peppers in the world, which automatically puts it among the biggest exporters as well. Iranian bell peppers produced in both open farms and greenhouses all over the country. Open farms are more common in the northern states, because they require a lot of water.
Iranian products mostly come in three main colors and we’ve got green, red, and yellow bell peppers. All colors exported to many of the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. There are also some minor bell pepper exports to other countries in Europe and north America.

Yellow sweet peppers

Iranian Sweet Peppers on the International Market

Iranian green, red and yellow sweet peppers are easily found on the international markets of the world. First of all, Iran is the biggest producer of these peppers in the Middle East. Also other Middle Eastern countries do not produce these bell peppers because they require a lot of water. So the best option for these markets is to export Iranian bell peppers.
These peppers are available all year long and are of the highest quality, and all of the customers in the foreign markets satisfied with them. Iranian bell peppers are known as a brand over on the markets of the neighboring countries of the region. All of the different colors of these bell peppers are popular among certain groups of people who use them.

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