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Wholesale import Indian bananas in Middle East

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Indian Bananas is popular in the worldProduction of high quality banana in IndiaBanana imports to the Middle EastWholesale prices of bananasBanana prices in the Middle East
Indian bananas

Bananas are an important every day fruit in the Middle East, and most of the countries in these regions supply their markets with the high quality products of big producer countries. Many fruit companies wholesale import Indian bananas in Middle East and supply these vast markets.

Indian bananas are some of the best in the world and are rich in different minerals and vitamins. They are a great source of potassium, and lots of other nutrients which are able to help the body in a lot of ways. They are also full of energy, and can be a great addition to every athlete’s daily diet and provide them with enough energy to go through their day.

Indian bananas

Indian Bananas is popular in the world

India the biggest producer of bananas in the world with the annual production of around 30 million tons of the total 150 million tons of bananas produced worldwide. India has the perfect tropical climate and there are a lot of high quality banana plantations in the country. With this high amount of production, India is also one of the largest exporters of bananas as well.
Indian bananas are known all over the world and are extremely popular. There a lot of different types of bananas produced in this country, but the most popular are the Cavendish. They account for most of the bananas worldwide and exported from India on large scales.

Indian bananas

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Production of high quality banana in India

India is the capital of bananas in the world. More than 20% of the world’s bananas are produced in this country and banana plantations are found in every state of India. Bananas are an important part of the country’s economy and diet. They play an important part in the daily diet of Indian people, and also because of their magnitude, account for a lot of jobs in India.
India bananas are exported to many different corners of the world on very large scales every year. Overall, bananas are of great importance in India, and many countries also depend on these high quality products to supply their markets.

Indian bananas

Banana imports to the Middle East

Bananas require warm tropical climates in order to grow on large commercial scales. These tropical climates really rare among the Middle Eastern countries and they need to import their annual bananas. Middle East also one of the heaviest populated regions on earth and requires lots of bananas every year. Indian bananas are one of the best options for the Middle Eastern countries.
They are high quality and have a good price, and are also very close by. This short distance will allow the bananas to reach the markets faster and fresher, and also will reduce the transportation costs.

Indian bananas

Wholesale prices of bananas

The international wholesale prices of bananas can change depending on their export conditions and quality. As it is obvious, bananas are cheaper in large producer countries. Another important indicator of the bananas’ prices are the annual production of the country, which will have big effects on the market prices.
For example, Indian bananas have better prices because of the high production of the country. There are also the transportation costs which can add to the wholesale fees. That’s why most importers try to import bananas from the largest and the closest producers to them.

Indian bananas

Banana prices in the Middle East

Banana prices in the Middle East mostly depends on the type of the bananas and the supplier country. Indian bananas are one of the biggest suppliers in these regions and they have a quite affordable price. This is because of the high production of the country and the short distance. Also there are a lot of sea between the two regions which makes the transportation much easier and faster.
On the opposite, there are some exports from South American countries like Ecuador. These imported bananas are much more expensive because of the long distance and transportation costs. Overall, they are affordable fruits in the Middle East and have found their way into the Middle Eastern people’s hearts.

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