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Wholesale price of Padena Apples

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What is Padena Apples?Which cities of Iran have Padena Apples?Exports of apple from IranPrices of Iranian Padena apple in neighboring countriesWholesale of Iranian apples
Padena Apples

Apples are one of the main agricultural products of Iran, and produced in the amount of 3.7 million tons every year. Padena is also one of the central regions of Iran which is famous for its apple production in and outside the country and the wholesale price of Padena apples are very affordable for exports.

Padena apples are among the high quality Iranian apple products and are very important to the country and the region’s economy. They are also extremely healthy and are rich in different vitamins and nutrients like potassium and vitamin C. The apples of Padena mostly enjoyed within the country, but there are large quantities of foreign exports as well.

Padena Apples

What is Padena Apples?

Padena is a vast region in central Iran and the state of Isfahan which consists of more than 30 villages and produces apples on very large commercial scales. This region is famous for its apples both in Iran and over the international markets of the world. A lot of people are in the apple farming business in this region and apples produce a lot of jobs there.
These are also among the most popular Iranian fruits and according to officials, more than 40% of Padena apples exported every year. Most of the apples harvested in the autumn in these regions. The apples owe their high quality to the perfect climate and water of the Padena region.

Padena Apples

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Which cities of Iran have Padena Apples?

There are many villages and cities in this region which are producing apples on large scales. In some of these cities like Semirom, more than 90% of the people are working with apples. Also the stats show than more than 60% of the products of the region are grade A, which is perfect for exports. The amount of apple production in these regions usually exceeds 35000 tons.
There are also more than 36000 hectares of apple farms all around which are producing high quality Padena apples. There are a lot of apple cultivars like the Red and Golden Delicious produced in Padena.

Padena Apples

Exports of apple from Iran

Apple exports are a big part of Iranian agricultural industry and are very important. There are more emphasizes on the importance of apples on a region like Padena which depends on apple production. As said before, more than 40% of the Padena apples exported to the foreign markets. The Middle Eastern countries like the united Arab Emirates are the biggest customers of these apples.
Also a large part of the apple produced here are from the international popular apple cultivars which helps with their sale. Apples of Padena are very popular on the foreign markets and always in high demands.

Padena Apples

Prices of Iranian Padena apple in neighboring countries

The import of Padena apples for the neighboring countries is a very profitable trade. First of all, these apples are in perfect shape and have the best taste and physical qualities. These perfect apples could be old on the top grade markets for higher prices, easily.
Also Iran located in the Middle East and the short distance will help a lot in lowering the transportation costs of the apples. These lower transportation costs will also result in lower market prices, and subsequently more sales. The type of the apples is also an important indicator in setting their wholesale and retail price.

Padena Apples

Wholesale of Iranian apples

Iran is one of the largest apple producers in the world, and has a lot of farms which are producing high quality apples, for exporting purposes only. Most of the apples of Iran are also from the internationally popular cultivars which makes their sales easier. The most common apple cultivars in Iran are the Red and Golden Delicious, Fuji, and Granny Smiths.
Nearly 2.5 million tons of the total 3.7 million tons of apple produced in Iran are from Red and Golden Delicious cultivars. Padena is one of the regions in Iran which has an inseparable bound with apples. Padena apples are a large part of Iranian exports. They account for more than 100000 tons of apple production, and even exported to Europe.

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