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Export rate of pomegranate from Iran

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Pomegranate is a popular fruit in the worldPomegranate consumption in Middle Eastern countriesHigh production of pomegranate in IranExport rate of pomegranate from IranPrices of Iranian sweet and sour pomegranate
Export rate of pomegranate

This country is the largest producer of pomegranates in the world and the export rate of pomegranate from Iran is much higher than many other producers in the world. Iranian pomegranates are also very high quality and full of different nutrients which made them popular all over the world.

The Export rate of pomegranate of Iran has constantly increased over the past few decades. Iranian pomegranates are full of different nutrients and vitamins, with the most important being their high anti-oxidant levels. These pomegranates could help the body in prevention of various diseases like heart attacks, cancer, or even Alzheimer’s disease.

Export rate of pomegranate

Pomegranate is a popular fruit in the world

Pomegranates are among the best most nutritious fruits on the planet and they truly deserve the title of a super fruit. These days with the rise of the internet, more and more people are becoming familiar with the amazing benefits of these fruits and the production and Export rate of pomegranate are constantly on the rise.

People all over the world use them for fresh consumption constantly. Also pomegranate flavored products are becoming an international trend. Every day you can find more products like ice cream with the taste of sweet and sour pomegranates. Many countries are also trying to produce pomegranates on large commercial scales.

Export rate of pomegranate

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Pomegranate consumption in Middle Eastern countries

Middle East one of the heaviest populated regions in the world. Like many other fruits and vegetables, pomegranates are also very popular in this region and the consumption and export rate of pomegranate are increasing there.

Iran is the main supplier of pomegranates in the region. As the world’s largest producer of these fruits, Iran does not face any serious competition in these markets. The biggest importers of Iranian pomegranates in the region include the United Arab Emirates and Iraq. Iranian pomegranates are also very popular in the Middle Eastern countries and sell really fast.

Export rate of pomegranate

High production of pomegranate in Iran

There around 3 million tons of pomegranates produced in the world every year. Iran is the number one producer of the world with the production of nearly one million ton of that amount.

It seem Iranian pomegranate industry has always increased and the export rate of pomegranate is on the rise. More and more countries are importing Iranian pomegranates every year. and also there are even exports to north American countries. There also many different types of pomegranates produced in Iran. Iran has lots of different climates and can produce various cultivars of pomegranates.

Export rate of pomegranate

Export rate of pomegranate from Iran

The export rate of pomegranate from Iran has constantly increase over the past ten years. The names of Iran and pomegranates are known all over the world together and this Iranian product is known as a brand. They are also becoming very popular in the new international healthy lifestyle trend.

They are one of the most amazing sources of anti-oxidants among fruits. There are 15 different anti-oxidants in pomegranates which along with lots of other nutrients made them this popular. Annually, Iranian pomegranates exported to 23 countries of the world on average.

Export rate of pomegranate

Prices of Iranian sweet and sour pomegranate

As you would expect it, there is a difference between the prices of the Iranian sweet and sour pomegranates. Also Sweet pomegranates mostly used for fresh consumption and are larger in size. They are also in perfect physical conditions which makes them suitable for the best most luxurious markets in the world. For these cultivars, the export rate of pomegranate is also increasing, as more and more countries are beginning to import these amazing fruits.
So they are more expensive than the sour types. Sour pomegranates mostly used for making side products like juices and pomegranate extracts. They mostly used in the food industry and have a much lower price than those sweet types.