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Largest kiwi exporter company from Iran

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Production of kiwifruit in IranExports of kiwi from IranLargest kiwi exporter companyKiwi exports by Vitarad companyBuy Persian kiwi in neighboring countries
Largest kiwi exporter

There are very few countries in the world which produce and export kiwis in such large quantities like Iran. Iran is the4th largest producer of kiwis in the world, and the largest kiwi exporter company from Iran, supplies large parts of the Middle Eastern and West Asian fruit markets.

Iran is among the largest kiwi exporter countries of the world, and dominates the Middle Eastern markets to some degrees. The kiwis produced in this country are extremely high quality and are one of the greatest natural sources of vitamin C. there are also large quantities of vitamin D found in the kiwi seeds, which is a rare benefit in an exotic fruit.

Largest kiwi exporter

Production of kiwifruit in Iran

Kiwifruits entered Iran only decades ago as a product to replace orange production in the north, but today it has made Iran one of the largest kiwi exporter and producer countries. All of the Iranian kiwis are produced in the northern states of Iran near the Caspian Sea. Because of the sea, these states have the perfect humid cool climate which is perfect for high quality kiwi production.
Iran is the 4th largest producer of the fruit after China, Italy, and New Zealand. It is also the biggest producer in the reign, and famous for its kiwis all over the Middle East. Recently, there have also been the production of golden kiwis in the Iranian farms.

Largest kiwi exporter

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Exports of kiwi from Iran

This country is without any competition the largest kiwi exporter in the Middle East. Other large producers in the world, export their kiwis to other importers. China is the largest producer of the world, but has a high consumption rate and mostly imports to the Far East.

Italy on the other hand, mostly supplies the European countries and does not really challenge the Iranian markets. New Zealand is also located on the southern hemisphere and has a totally different harvesting season from the Iranian kiwis. Iranian kiwis usually harvested in autumn, and sometimes till early winter.

Largest kiwi exporter

Largest kiwi exporter company

Some of the largest kiwi exporter companies of the world are also active in Iran and try to have a share of the products. As one of the top 5 producers of kiwis in the world, Iran attracts a lot of different fruit companies in the world. Even with this high interest, most of the Iranian kiwis exported by the local Iranian companies.

Kiwis are also among the fruit which can harvested while still unripe. This fact will make their transportation and packaging process much easier for these exporting companies. They also less likely to get hurt or pick up injuries while being shipped raw.

Largest kiwi exporter

Kiwi exports by Vitarad company

There are a lot of different fruit companies which are also active in the kiwi business in Iran. But Vitarad is one of the most famous and largest kiwi exporter companies in the country. Every year, this company will collect and package the highest quality kiwis from the finest Iranian farms.

This company also directly sends these amazing Iranian products to many international markets. The Persian kiwis exported by this company are among the most famous and most popular kiwis in the world. Also their largest customers are located among the Middle Eastern countries of the region.

Largest kiwi exporter

Buy Persian kiwi in neighboring countries

It is quite easy to find Persian kiwis in the Middle Eastern countries’ markets, since Iran is the largest kiwi exporter country in the region. Iranian kiwis are the best option for the Middle eastern importers. First of all, they are extremely high quality and mostly grown organically. Another big reason for these high amounts of annual imports could be the short distance between the countries.

This short distance will lower the transportation costs and make the whole process much more profitable for both parties. It will also allow for the kiwis to reach the destination markets as fresh as possible. Overall, Iran is the main supplier of these markets, and you could find its products in most of these countries.

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