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Price per ton of Iranian kiwi for export

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High kiwi production in IranSelect good kiwi for exportKiwi packing in plastic basketKiwi export Carton Plast packagingPrice per ton kiwi for export
Iranian kiwi

Kiwis have been one of the main agricultural exports of Iran for a few decades, and are sent to many different countries in the world. The price per ton of Iranian kiwi for export is different based on many factors like the type of the kiwis, their quality, and the destination importing country.

Iranian kiwis truly deserve the title of super food, because they are one of the richest sources of vitamins in the nature. These amazing fruits contain high amounts of vitamin C in the flesh, and quite a lot of vitamin D in their edible black seeds. Every year, these amazing fruits enjoyed by many people in Iran, and many importing countries in the world.

Iranian kiwi

High kiwi production in Iran

Iran is the largest producer of high quality kiwis in the Middle East and the 4th largest in the world after China, Italy, and New Zealand. With this high amount of production, Iran is assured to be one of the biggest exporters of the fruit as well. Iranian kiwis all produced in the three northern states of Guilan, Mazandaran and Golestan near the Caspian sea.

These states have the perfect climate for producing high quality organic kiwis. Iran produces around 30000 tons of kiwis every year, which accounts for nearly 8% of the global productions. Iranian kiwis also exported to many different countries in the Middle east and other regions of the world.

Iranian kiwi

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Select good kiwi for export

Only the best of the Iranian kiwis chosen and packaged for exports. Each 100 grams serving of these kiwis has only 61 calories, and 1.14 grams of protein, which makes them an extremely healthy snack. Many studies have also shown that kiwis contain medicinally useful compounds like serotonin.

Serotonin in these kiwis may be beneficial in the treatment of sleep disorders. This exotic fruit also loaded with dietary fiber, which helps in the prevention of numerous diseases. They also contain an enzyme, which helps in the digestion of proteins in the body and is very useful.

Iranian kiwi

Kiwi packing in plastic basket

Iranian kiwis are among many fruits which can harvested while they are unripe, and exported that way as well. This will make their transportation much easier, and the kiwis will arrive to the markets as fresh as possible. But all of the benefits of this method is not with the longer shelf lives.

The unripe kiwis are harder in the flesh, and have a strong skin. As a result they are much less vulnerable to physical harms, and can be packages in less protective materials like plastics. These boxes offer less protection, but are more durable and have lower production costs, and are much lighter.

Iranian kiwi

Kiwi export Carton Plast packaging

Like all other fruits and vegetables, Iranian kiwis require packaging before exports. The packages make the transportations much easier and faster, and the process would be almost impossible without them. They come in different shapes and capacities.

They are also made from different materials, from which some used specifically for the top fruit markets. These high profile markets only trade in luxurious items and require very good material in the packaging process. Even though the packaging would be more expensive this way, the final retail price would be worth the troubles.

Iranian kiwi

Price per ton kiwi for export

Iranian kiwis are popular in many countries of the world, and imported by many of them. But as a matter of fact, the prices of these precious healthy fruits are different in each of these countries. First of all, Iran is one of the main suppliers of kiwis both in the Middle East and the world. Second, Iran does not have any major competition in the west Asian markets.

This is because of the fact that Iran is the biggest producer of high quality organic kiwis in this regions. Other big producers of the world also either send their products to other regions, or have a different harvesting season from Iran. But overall, the prices of the Iranian kiwis are very affordable for the neighboring countries in Middle East.

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