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Prices of Iranian yellow sweet peppers

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Producing yellow sweet peppers in IranProperties and benefits of a yellow sweet peppersCultivation of sweet peppers in the greenhousePackaged sweet peppers for exportPrices of Iranian sweet peppers
Yellow sweet peppers

Bell peppers are among the most common vegetables on the international markets, and usually different colors of these sweet peppers are different on the international markets. Prices of Iranian yellow sweet peppers for example is different from the others and are set based on many factors.

Bell peppers are one of the most nutritious vegetables on the planet and there are many interesting colors like the red, green and yellow sweet peppers. All of these different colored bell peppers come from the same plant and are all green at one point. Green ones are the immature version and as they ripen, they change their color towards yellow and red.

Yellow sweet peppers

Producing yellow sweet peppers in Iran

Bell peppers are among the most versatile and common plants in the world and produced in open farms and greenhouses all over the world. These plants can also be grown in different climates, and that’s why they produced in most of the Iranian cities.

They are also the second largest Iranian greenhouse products and account for a large part of the Iranian exports as well. Different colors packaged and sold differently and Iranian yellow sweet peppers are very popular. They mostly exported to the Middle Eastern and west Asian markets. Iranian bell peppers are always in very high demands on these fruit markets.

Yellow sweet peppers

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Properties and benefits of a yellow sweet peppers

Different colored bell peppers have different nutritional values. Green sweet peppers are the least nutritious, as they are unripe and stay on the plant for the shortest. On the other hand, red bell peppers are the most nutritious and can contain 1.5 times more vitamins than the green ones.

Orange and yellow sweet peppers are also very nutritious and healthy. Bell peppers are among the greatest sources of vitamin C, and one small sweet pepper can supply most of the required daily amount. Vitamin C is a great all natural anti-oxidant and can help to boost the body’s immune system.

Yellow sweet peppers

Cultivation of sweet peppers in the greenhouse

These peppers grow on very strong plants which are adaptive to various conditions. So as a result, they can cultivated in greenhouses and as a result, be grown in many parts of the world. Greenhouses particularly good for regions with limited fresh water sources. The plants in these methods use much less water and usually have a higher production rate than the open farms.

They also picked at different stages to harvest green, red and yellow sweet peppers. Also the controlled atmosphere and temperature of the greenhouse allows for them to be grown in all of the year’s months.

Yellow sweet peppers

Packaged sweet peppers for export

The proper packaging of sweet peppers can increase their sale and prices. Iranian bell peppers are of the highest quality and have a perfect taste and appearance. So with the proper packaging, they can target the top luxurious fruit markets of the world and increase their values.

Sweet peppers also packed separately and red, green and yellow sweet peppers come in different boxes. Some of these colors like the red and yellow are usually more popular and in higher demands. Companies usually make these from plastic or cardboard and they come in different sizes and capacities.

Yellow sweet peppers

Prices of Iranian sweet peppers

Iranian sweet bell peppers have different prices when they are on the international markets. Of course, the product of every city has got its own characteristics and prices. But the prices of bell peppers also change based on their color and maturity. As you know, green sweet peppers are the immature unripe version of the plant, and since they harvested early, have a lower price on the markets.

But the price increases as we move towards the red, orange and yellow sweet peppers. These colors more expensive because they need to stay on the plant for longer and as a result, have higher farming costs. Overall, whatever the price may be, bell peppers are one of the healthiest options on the fruit markets.

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