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Export of colored sweet peppers from Iran

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Production of Iranian sweet peppersThe benefit of colored sweet peppersBuy colored sweet peppers from IranPrice per ton of sweet pepperExport Iranian sweet peppers
Colored sweet peppers

Sweet or bell peppers one of the main vegetables produced in Iran and are a very important part of the Iranian agriculture and greenhouse products. There are many Iranian and foreign fruit companies which are active in the export of colored sweet peppers from Iran to other countries.

Colored sweet peppers are one of the best and most popular vegetables for both different salads and foods all over the world. They are a great natural source of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and can help boost the body’s immune system. The sweet peppers com in a variety of colors with almost the same taste, which attributes to their popularity.

Colored sweet peppers

Production of Iranian sweet peppers

Iran one of the main producers and suppliers of colored sweet peppers in the Middle East and even the world with thousands of tons of annual production. Iranian bell peppers are also among the best and healthiest products found in the world and are rich in nutrients. They produced in both open farms and greenhouses all over the country, based on the regions climate.

Open farms are more common in the northern states of country, because of the better access to fresh water sources. Overall, both the greenhouse and open farm products are high quality and suitable for exports. Iran supplies a large part of the Middle Eastern vegetable markets.

Colored sweet peppers

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The benefit of colored sweet peppers

Colored bell peppers are particularly rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants making them an excellent addition to a healthy diet. They can also really boost the body’s immune system for a great deal. Other vitamins and minerals found in bell peppers include vitamin K1, vitamin E, vitamin A, folate, and potassium.

Bell pepper benefits include improved eye health, and reduced risk of anemia and some chronic diseases. Their anti-oxidants are also able to help regulate the blood pressure and prevent heart attacks. They are also very low in calories and you can enjoy them without worrying about your weight.

Colored sweet peppers

Buy colored sweet peppers from Iran

Most of the Iranian colored sweet peppers distributed and consumed within the country. But nonetheless, there are large portions of them which also exported to foreign markets. Most of the Middle Eastern and West Asian countries supply their markets from these Iranian products.

It has also become very easy to purchase the bell peppers these days. There are websites now that offer Iranian colored bell pepper on large wholesale scales and even have worldwide delivery. The Iranian bell peppers known as an international brand and their sale has become quite easy for the traders.

Colored sweet peppers

Price per ton of sweet pepper

There many different prices for Iranian sweet colored peppers throughout the year. First of all, different colors of bell peppers have different prices. Usually red bell peppers are more expensive than the green ones because they are the matured ripened versions.

They stay on the plant for the longest and as a result have higher production costs to them. There also the matter of open farm and greenhouse products, as farm bell peppers more popular and sold with better prices. Also the further the importing country, the higher the transportation and final retail price will become.

Colored sweet peppers

Export Iranian sweet peppers

Iranian colored sweet peppers supply a large portion of the fruit and vegetable markets in the Middle East regions. Many Middle eastern countries import large quantities of these products every year. Iraq and the United Arab Emirates are the largest customers of these products in the Middle East. Also, Russia in the north is a big customer and imports a great portion of the Iranian products every year.

Because they are greenhouse products, Iranian bell peppers are available all year long and constantly exported. Both the greenhouse and open farm bell peppers are also very popular and best in terms of quality and taste. There are also some minor bell pepper exports to some European countries.

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