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Green grape exports from Iran

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Varieties of grapesGreen grape vineyards in IranThe benefits of green grapesGreen grape exportsIranian grape prices
Green grape exports

Green grape is one of the most popular types of grape exports. In the green grape exports due to the properties and uses of this product one of the best export options. For green grape exports from Iran there are a few points to note: maintain the product of corruption and maintaining product quality that this is work requires teamwork.

Types of high quality green grape cultivating and harvesting which the participation of exporters purchased in bulk and in the export basket. Green grape exports to long distances because grapes are product of intermediate clay is very suitable. The high nutritional value of grapes has made it a popular product in the global market and the major exports are of exciting quality.

Green grape exports

Varieties of grapes

More than 60 different species of grapes have identified throughout the world and in Iran there are different varieties of grapes. Grapes divided into grainy and without a grain that each of these two types is seen in red-black-yellow and green colors. Some types of grapes include:

  • kondri
  • shahroudi
  • yaghouti
  • fakhri
  • asgari
  • keshmeshi
  • maragheh
  • yazdani
  • candy
  • chalabi
  • nettle
  • gem
  • khlili and many other names.

Among all these grape varieties green grape exports this report presented in this case I must say that this kind of grape guarantees health and increases physical strength in humans that’s why it has created a major sales and trading market.

Green grape exports

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Green grape vineyards in Iran

One of the Iranian cities that is famous for the of green grape exports is vineyard. The city of Takestan located west of Qazvin province. The gardening and farming profession is one of the important activities of the people of the city. The existence of large grape gardens has made the sity the same name.

Weather suitable for horticulture especially grapevine- diversity of roughness- the presence of fertile land and access to adequate surface and underground water it is brought about a boom in agriculture in the Takestan area. 93 percent of the vineyards of Qazvin province located in this city.

Green grape exports

The benefits of green grapes

Green grapes are one of the most popular fruits in the world due to it is unique flavor it is benefits include:

  1. rich in vitamins and minerals
  2. revention of diabetes
  3. enriched with antioxidants
  4. it strengthens the immune system
  5. asthma treatment
  6. bone strengthening due to copper-iron and manganese
  7. prevent osteoporosis
  8. collagen maker
  9. prenention of heart disease
  10. treating migraines by drinking grape juice
  11. constipation treatment
  12. decrease fatigue.

Green grape exports to other countries and their awareness of these benefits will cause more health to all people.

Green grape exports

Green grape exports

Export of the type of quality green grapes in our countries it has a significant share of exports from the country and it has boosted the work of it is manufacturers. Green grape exports produced internally due to it is high quality that in has appearance – shape and size it well known amount overseas consumers it has a lot of value.

This fruit is one of the fruits in the country due to it is high demand for it produced and supplied to a high degree. This fruit should distributed to all fruits importer countries so that all people benefits from this fruit and it is export boasts the name of Iran.

Green grape exports

Iranian grape prices

This fruit is due to only in the summer it especially picked up in late mordad and shahrivar and for sale on the market it is price varies from the rest of the fruits and also has different kinds of things and each type used for certain uses different types of prices have different prices. Different types of grapes are suitable for everyone’s taste and whoever can make it according to his own taste.

This fruit exported to other countries due to it is variety and benefits which is one of the most exportable types is green grape exports which itself has a different price- extensive production and many benefits. Green grapes are sweet and tasty fruit that in the summer suitable for carting guests in the parties of all people.

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