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Wholesale prices cucumber in global market

One of the fruits that is being bought and sold on the global market is cucumber. There are two ways to buy and sell:1-single sale 2-wholesale that each of these methods has prices vary. Wholesale prices cucumber in global market very suitable because lots of cucumbers are sold together. Also wholesale prices cucumber it is very important in trading on the market.

That’s why wholesale prices cucumber that’s because down that cucumber is a favorite fruit of 90% of the people what in Iran and what’s outside of Iran. Maintain quality and keep prices down it is possible for officials-farmers and gardeners. The keep cucumber prices in the process should buy the fruit directly from the farmer himself to buy and sell and export in this industry stay alive.

Wholesale prices cucumber

Cucumber consumption in the world

Cucumber is one of the most useful and healthy fruits that it simply cools and hydrates the body. Sure you know cucumber consumption controls blood lipids and it helps to lose weight.The air becomes warmer the desire to consume more and more juicy fruits. Today cucumber grown and consumed in most parts of the world and it has a high value.

Today cucumber can be providing from the fruit market every season because wholesale prices cucumber on the market towards fruit stores is much cheaper. There are cucumbers around the world in different forms but in general this useful fruit it is rich in water-fibr-vitamins and other wonderful compounds for health.

Wholesale prices cucumber

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International cucumber trade

Major export markets of cucumber types included: southern Gulf countries-Russia and Iraq. In this international trade respectively China-Russia-Turkey and Iran are the largest producers fruit and vegetables especially cucumbers. Iran with production 1.7 million tons cucumbers the fourth great producer country of the world.

This fruit is in the field of production seeds of hybrid cultivars-packing and export development has a place to invest. In the field of trading or exporting cucumbers wholesale prices cucumber more economical and makes more exports in the field of selling cucumbers to done.

Wholesale prices cucumber

High production of cucumbers in Iran

According to some sources about 4 thousand hectares’ vegetable greenhouse in different parts of the country including there are: Jiroft- Kahnouj- Isfahan- Tehran- Yazd-sistan and Baluchestan and Semnan and more than 652 thousand tons’ vegetable products from they picked up that cucumber to himself dedicated has the highest greenhouse production.

Spring cucumber production in Jiroft and Kahnouj-Polar girl-Valley city-Nahavand-Sar pul zahab-Golestan province and greenhouse products. Wholesale prices cucumber it is very suitable in Iran because the amount of cucumber is very high.

Wholesale prices cucumber

Persian cucumber in global market

Iran with annual production more than two million tons of cucumbers after China and Turkey in the third place produce this product is in the world. Our country has rank 5 climatic variations in the world manufacturer and exporter very varied types vegetable include are cucumber. According to statistics customs more than 188 thousand tons of cucumbers from Iran export to other countries.

According to the statistics cucumber in the first seven months of the year to 24 countries like; Iraq- England- The Netherlands- Norway and so on it has exported. Wholesale prices cucumber of Iran in the global market very suitable compared to other countries.

Wholesale prices cucumber

Wholesale prices cucumber

To determine wholesale prices cucumber should be to this point notice that cucumber is a plant or greenhouse. According to the statistics wholesale prices bush cucumber lower toward greenhouse cucumber. I have to say consumption and demand for greenhouse cucumber due to the appearance of the parlors it is more.

But the production of this product limited to greenhouses and a small amount will enter the market. As result, rising demand cause rising prices in this type of cucumber. While large amount of bush cucumber in the jiroft and Kahnouj produced and comes market at a reasonable price. The weather conditions of the country are such that it is possible cucumber production in all seasons.

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