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Iranian bell pepper price per ton

In the Iranian fruit and vegetable market, you have only seen four green, red, orange and yellow colors so far. Capsicum peppers other than white, black, purple and some other colors that are not available in the Iranian fruit and vegetable market. The iranian bell pepper price per ton is about twice the price of green.

Esfahan Cabbage pole production and cultivation

Isfahan province due to its favorable climatic conditions, as a pole for the production and cultivation of greenhouse cabbage and most of the export burden is related to Isfahan greenhouses. Note that all of the above applies to the sale and export of bell pepper as well as for export.

One of the services of vitarad is to monitor your purchased product. One of our supervisors reviews the iranian bell pepper price per ton directly and carefully, sorting and packing the cayenne pepper … Send it to the vitarad sales team. All peppers have excellent 100% export quality.

Your Whole Pepper Buyer guarantees to export your product to export departments in countries such as Russia, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, Iraq and other markets. Give it a whistle.

Esfahan Cabbage pole production and cultivation
Prices of sweet bell peppers

Capsicum peppers have two sexes Male and female are four parts thicker and sharper, but the male is three-parted, but not the middle sex. The male is heavier because of its thick skin and mantle. The iranian bell pepper price per ton flakes varies depending on the market and the growing season. You can find out more about sweet bell pepper day prices and how to buy them by means of communication. Stay tuned method of sweet pepper with Vitarad. Don’t even buy peppers that have black spots. Pepper’s gender If you look at the appearance of the peppers, some are four-dimensional and some are three-dimensional. Female peppers have four spines or spines and a male has three spines. Depending on the type of need, make your purchase.

Fresh bell pepper gives a fresh smell. Aromatic and fragrant.

Prices of sweet bell peppers
Exports of top-quality cabbage pepper from Iran to foreign countries

Classy bell peppers are exported to various countries around the world and the iranian bell pepper price per is not stable in the market. These products can be associated with good sales and profitability for companies. Exports are therefore followed by companies specializing in the field and always delivering the best in quality. These companies are well known in the world markets and have always been providing products of the highest quality to these countries.
In this case, cooperation with these collections is important from all over the world, and they can consider exporting bell peppers. vittarad is one of the exporter that is active in selling different types of cabbage pepper and has active agents in various markets around the world.

The company has been able to make the best type of cabbage pepper first-class in various markets.

 Exports of top-quality cabbage pepper from Iran to foreign countries

Price of bell pepper a day and export to Russia

vitarad has a long history of exporting cabbage pepper to Russia, and the iranian bell pepper price per ton varies by type. One of the good things about working with Vitarad is shortening the marketing path and finding customers in Russia. We have been able to network with Iranian and Russian businessmen as well as interfaces and intermediaries over the past two to three years. create. When you give us an inventory, your bell pepper is immediately shared on the network.

Collaboration with international shipping agencies, two export management companies (EMCs) and our extensive communications with Russian businessmen, namely Facilitate your product entry into the vast Russian market. On the other hand, you are not necessarily a manufacturer, necessarily a marketer, a seller, an exporter, and ultimately a full-fledged trader.
Every company or individual must determine its place on the cross-border market. Manufacturer, marketer, seller, intermediary, clearance, exporter, shipping, etc. All require experience and expertise. Stay tuned for our agriculture.

Price of bell pepper is different in different seasons. This fluctuation is related to the harvest of this product in the country.

 Price of bell pepper a day and export to Russia

Bell peppers are considered as amazing super vegetables

Iran is one of the biggest producer of bell peppers both in Asia and the world, with thousands of tons of bell pepper production every year in different states of the country. There are a lot of bell peppers traded in the international markets and a lot of companies set the bell Iranian bell pepper price per ton.

Bell peppers are considered as amazing super vegetables. That can be farmed in both open farms and greenhouses and are extremely common in the dishes from all over the world.

They come in different colors with almost the same taste, and can be used to decorate the food. They are also rich in vitamins and different nutrients and are a great addition to the diet.


Bell peppers are considered as amazing super vegetablesIranian bell pepper

Among the Middle Eastern and West Asian countries, Iran is one of the biggest producer and exporter of bell peppers. Iran produces different colored bell peppers on a commercial scale in its different states with different climates, in both greenhouses and open farms. The greenhouse farming better is more suitable for the central and southern states of Iran, as it uses less water.

Also and has a higher production yield rate. A big part of these high quality Iranian bell peppers exported to Middle Eastern countries like Iraq and Russia every year. The bell pepper price per ton are also set according to each trade’s specifics and it transportation costs.


Iranian bell pepperAll colors of bell pepper

Bell peppers com in a wide variety of colors that usually range from green, to yellow, orange, and res, with some species being white, purple or brown.  Green bell peppers are actually the immature unripe versions of yellow, orange, and red peppers. These green sweet peppers are also less nutrient and healthy than the more ripened versions.

Studies show that red bell peppers are the healthiest among them. And also have on average, 1.5 times more vitamin C than the green ones.


All colors of bell pepperThe price of bell pepper

There are many indicators in setting the bell pepper price per ton.  Green bell peppers usually have a lower price than the yellow and red types in the international markets. As a result of being unripe, they harvested earlier and have lower production costs.

Also the type and the size of the bell peppers are among the important price indicating factors. Bell peppers are also available all year long in the greenhouses. So the season of the trade, does not have much effect of the final market price.


You can see bell pappers and other fruit and vegetables of Vitarad company in or instagram page:

Bell pepper price per ton

All the vegetables and fruits  usually categorized by their shape and size, in the international trade markets. The bigger bell peppers with the better shapes and vibrant colors are more expensive and considered as top shape vegetables.

Also greenhouse peppers have a cheaper and more effective production method which can affect their wholesale prices. The transportation method and the distance between the two trading countries are also indicating factors.


Bell pepper price per tonIranian bell pepper for export

Most of the Iranian bell peppers exported to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. Russia is the biggest importer of Iranian bell peppers. There also a lot of peppers sent to countries like Iraq and the United Arab Emirates.

The short sell by date of these peppers, makes trading with neighboring countries more convenient. Also, the bell pepper price per ton set in accordance to the export’s situations, like the type of the bell peppers and the transportation method.


Iranian bell pepper for exportBell pepper for buy

There are a lot of fruit and vegetable companies that collect bell peppers from the local farmers and greenhouse owners. They collect these bell peppers in order to sell them to the local and international markets. Some companies export the bell peppers to the foreign countries’ markets themselves. And some just sell bell peppers to bigger international fruit trade companies.

They also have a really short shelf life of under two weeks and must transported to the markets as quick as possible. Also, a lot of these fruit companies are selling their products and bell peppers on their websites, which makes it easier for the customers.


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