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Fresh Iranian grapes high quality

From all countries of world Iran has the tenth score in grape cultivation. Malayer county has highest part of cultivation and harvesting of grape in Iran. Fresh Iranian grapes have delicious taste and high quality therefore they are suitable to used in Iran and exported to other countries.

Features of Iranian grape

Fresh Iranian grapes have different colors, shapes and tastes. They produced with high quality and for proper price. In many regions of Iran various grapes grow in red, green, yellow and black colors and every one of them has different taste and shape. This fruit is full of C vitamin and is a strong antioxidant.

Grape bush can grow with a simple sapling in garden soil. Moreover Iranians eat fresh grape they also use leaves of grape for cooking. And rape fruit of grape (sour grape) used as pickle. Iranians also dry the grape fruit and eat that as strain.

Other use of this fruit in industry is making fruit juice and jam. In other countries this fruit used to produce wine.

Features of Iranian grape

Breeding and protecting grape crop

This fruit grows in regions that have maximum temperature below 40 centigrade and minimum temperature upper than -15 centigrade. In summer mild weather precocious grapes can yield if they planted on Sothern slopes. Many of grape varieties are resistant against winter cold.

Grape doesn’t care coldness of winter but it is important to this plant to have warm and sunny spring and summer. Drastic winds can harm grape more than cold weather. In spring as soon as reaching temperature to 10 degree higher than zero, the plant starts to grow.

The higher temperature of region the more water needed for grape plant. High quality of fresh Iranian grapes depends on some parameters, they are:

  1. irrigation,
  2. acidic soil with high salt,
  3. use of proper fertilizer like nitrogen, potassium, magnesium.

Breeding and protecting grape crop

Harvest of grape

At the beginning of May, I mean when the clusters are visible, you must pick up and throw away some of bunches from the grape trees that have many clusters and not harmonized to condition and strength of tree. This measure is because of preventing of deficiency in other clusters, this leads to high quality of remaining clusters.

To hasten maturing of grape and unripen bunches, you must pick up the leaves that lie on fruits and don’t let direct sunlight and heat to grapes from the beginning of August. When picking up the fresh Iranian grapes, to preserve high quality, you must separate the clusters by secateurs so that grains stay safe and don’t crush. You must crop up only the matured bunches and crop the raw ones in the next turns.

Because in some varieties all bunch don’t mature at the same time.

Harvest of grape

Various kinds of Iranian grape

Iranian grapes are:

  1. Royal autumn grape, this grape is seedless and is produced through autumn season.
  2. Dark red grape: this kind of grape used to produce champagne and the smaller and sweet grains used as fresh fruits.
  3. Monoka black grape: is used to produce raisin. Indeed it is a type of red grape, it has thin hull but this doesn’t mean that it is not suitable for transportation.
  4. Bronks grape: this grape is compound of good fiber and tissue and tastes of various grape species that have red and green synthetic color.
  5. Cardinal grape: these grapes are very sweet and red; they are result of cross between red flame and Riber grape.
  6. Red flame grape: seedless and has special balance in sweetness.
  7. Riber grape: is big and has blue or black color with bitter hull, the fruit is sweet and very tempter.
  8. Concord grape: usually used for juice and Jello (gelatin), it is dark violet and almost black and there are colorful spots on them, you can find this kind in dark blue-black, big and very sweet. And also there are other kinds of Fresh Iranian grapes that provided with high quality by Vitarad company for use in Iran and for export.
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