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Isfahan bell pepper for export

Bell Peppers are amazing vegetables with lots of nutrients and health benefits which produced in many regions of Iran, and on large scales. Isfahan is among the leading regions of Iran in bell pepper production and lots of companies offer Isfahan bell pepper for export to many different markets and countries.

Different colors of bell peppers

All the different colors of bell peppers actually come from the same plant. They start by green and they will eventually turn yellow, orange, and red as they get riper. There are also some types with other colors which are not very common.

Red bell peppers stay on the plant for the longest and as a result have the highest nutritional value among them. But even though, all colors of bell peppers are extremely healthy and delicious. The different colors also makes them a great choice for food decoration. Isfahan is a leading Iranian bell pepper producer in the region and provides all types of them.

Different colors of Isfahan bell peppers for export are available on the markets all over the Middle East.

Different colors of bell peppers

Are bell peppers good for the health?

There have been lots of scientific studies on the nutritional values and health benefits of bell peppers. And they all agree on the fact that bell peppers are among the healthiest vegetables available worldwide. Because of their high fertility and ease of growth, they are available worldwide and have low prices. they are a rich source of vitamin C and only 100 grams of them, can supply 97% of the vitamin C daily value.

Bell peppers have great amounts of Iron and Potassium in them which can give the consumer a great energy boost for the day. They are also very low on calories and sugars and are a great choice for people on diets. The bell peppers produced in Isfahan province are also no exception and are rich with nutrients.

Isfahan bell peppers for export are a very popular product on the local and international markets.

Are bell peppers good for the health?

Isfahan bell pepper production

So isfahan is a leading province in greenhouse vegetable productions and bell peppers are among its finest products. The great thing about bell peppers is their adaptive nature to different climates and the ability to harvest them in green houses. This makes it easy for dry regions like Isfahan to produce high quality bell peppers on large scales with the lowest usage of water.

Due to this fact, they will also be available all year long and not limited to a specific harvesting season. Greenhouses are also a very economical choice for farmers who want to start on smaller scales. The bell peppers of Isfahan among the best produced in Iran, which makes them among the top in the world as well.

They are very popular on the international markets and many companies offer Isfahan bell pepper for export.

Isfahan bell pepper production

Export of Iranian bell peppers

Iranian bell peppers, especially the ones produced in Isfahan, are among the most popular vegetables in fruit markets all over the Middle East. They are healthy, delicious, and have great shapes and colors which makes them ideal for exports. The amazing physical quality of these peppers have made them one of the luxury and high demanding products in most markets. The companies offering Isfahan bell peppers for export, have made it quite easy for the neighboring countries to supply their markets with these amazing products.

There are also different colors of them which is great point for different customers. Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and Russia, import thousands of tons of Iranian bell peppers every year. And say that these vegetables are among the most popular products in their markets. Russia is the leading importer among these countries and accounts for more than 40% of the Iranian bell pepper exports. There are also bell pepper exports to other regions of the world, but on smaller scales.

Overall, Iranian bell peppers are a great choice for fruit companies active in the Middle East and have lots of potential on the region’s fruit and vegetable markets.
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