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Sale green bell pepper of Iran

Bell peppers are among the most common and popular agricultural products, harvested in Iran and are found on international markets. Different colors of bell peppers are exported to various destinations every year. Many companies’ sale green bell pepper of Iran among their most popular vegetables.

Bell peppers in Iran

Iran is a vast country with many different climates, and that allows the farmers and producers of the country to grow and harvest most fruits and vegetables. Sweet bell peppers are also no exception and are produced in the open farms and greenhouses of the country on very large and commercial scales. Besides supplying the local markets, Iranian bell peppers are also sent to many different markets from all over the world.

Farmers and fruit companies’ sale green bell pepper of Iran to various international customers. Iran is among the top ten producers of these magic vegetables in the world, and many countries in the Middle East and West Asian regions are depending on them to supply their markets.

Bell peppers in Iran

Nutritious sweet peppers

These sweet amazing bell peppers provide much more than vibrant colors and amazing taste to the food, and are packed full of different useful vitamins and nutrients. No matter the color, bell peppers are a very rich source of potassium. This nutrient can help to keep your fluids and minerals balanced in your body, as well as helping with and enhancing the muscle function, and regulating the blood pressure.

They are also very low on calories while having a sweet taste, which has attributed to their popularity all over the world. Iran offers different colors of bell peppers internationally on large commercial scales.

The sale green bell pepper of Iran is very popular on the international fruit and vegetable markets.

Nutritious sweet peppers

Packaging for exports

Packaging is a very important step in preparation and export of these amazing sweet bell peppers produced in Iran. Usually, different colors of bell peppers are packed separately, and many harvesters’ sale green bell pepper of Iran to specific customers. Bell peppers are also very fragile in nature and certain steps must be taken in their packaging and preparation to deliver them to the markets as fresh as possible.

One of the most important measures taken in the packaging is to keep them from open air. This will slow the chemical reactions within the peppers and keeps them from losing their freshness and changing colors. Also the packaging must be strong enough to protect the peppers during all stages of the storage and transportation.

The packages are generally made out of plastic and cardboard in various sizes.

Packaging for exports

Iranian bell peppers on international markets

Most of the Middle Eastern countries except Iran are not large bell pepper producers and rely on international imports to supply their markets. Iran is the best destination for them, for a variety of reasons. First of all, no matter in a greenhouse or an open farm, Iranian sweet bell peppers are all grown organically, and have the best taste and quality. Another important reason is that these sweet bell peppers have got a much shorter shelf life and transporting them over large distances can cause them to lose their freshness and quality. So they usually rely on Iran which is a neighboring country.

Also importing from a close by supplier will result in a much cheaper and shorter transportation, which will allow them to get the products to their people much fresher and also with lower prices. It will also eliminate the need to use chemical preservatives which can be harmful to humans if consumed. All the colors of bell peppers produced in Iran are popular on the international markets. Fruit companies’ sale green bell pepper of Iran to various customers like the united Arab Emirates, Iraq, and Russia.

There are also some minor exports to other Asian and European countries.
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