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Wholesale sweet grape of urmia

Iran one of the largest producers and exporters of grapes in the region as well as in the world and all the products produced in our country have high quality. Wholesale sweet grape of urmia have reasonable prices and high quality. Every year a large amount of the Arab countries need to buy grapes, provided by our gardeners, including Urmia.

urmia grape garden

One of the grape producing cities in Iran is Urmia. The city produces various types of quality and highly quality garden grapes that harvested annually in very high volumes. All the products produced in this city from experienced people who cultivate. Because of this, these products are of very high quality and high quality.

After harvesting these crops from the gardens, wholesale sweet grapes of Urmia are done in the country. You can also buy and consume these products produced in urmia Gardens. Many buyers, especially in the neighboring countries, are demanding the purchase of high quality Iranian grapes.

Large gardens in the city of urmia have been mass producing high quality and customer friendly grapes.

urmia grape garden

Wholesale sweet grape of urmia for export

As you know, all grapes produced in the country have very high quality. These products packaged for export and then exported. One of the most prestigious companies operating in this field is the vitarad company. You can make your purchases in bulk from the company and then sell.

The wholesale sweet grape of Urmia for export is also said to influenced by the price of these products, which is why grape producers try to increase the quality of these products day by day. The Arab countries are the largest consumer of grapes that make up part of the international market. This fruit very popular among the people of these countries and more widely consumed than others.

Urmia is one of the important centers for supplying high quality grapes and distributing them in domestic and foreign markets.

Wholesale sweet grape of urmia for export

Major sales of Urmia grapes

Most Iranian and foreign traders choose Urmia as a major supply center for major grape sales or export to other countries. West Azarbaijan province and its headquarters in the city of urmia have long been and have been one of the main areas of supply of fruit, especially grapes. In the economy market, most of the domestic market needs come from the same province; In recent years, in addition to being present in the domestic market.

They have also started exporting and have been sending products to neighboring countries such as Russia, which in their kind, promise a bright future for the city of Urmia and even Iran gives. Wholesale sweet grape of Urmia used for export of different packaging which boosts trade with other countries.

You should know that grapes are one of the best-selling fruits on the world market.

Major sales of Urmia grapes

Grape varieties in Iran for sale

Some varieties of grapes that cultivated and sold in Iran include: Kondri, Shahroudi, Red Ruby, White Ruby, Fakhri, Asgari, Mehdi Khani, Seedless, Red Seed, Nut, Shani, Beard, Raisin or Soltani, Red Rosh, White Rosh, Sangak, Amiri, Lal, Haji Abbasi, Cow Eye, Kandahari, Mish, Gholami, Chirinkak Bridal Thumbs Up, Saheb, Vegetable, Shahani, Yazdani, Maraghey, Khalili, Gohar, Lal Hosseini, Dam Khorusi, Razegi Shirazi, Alwan, Nara, Mother and Baby, Mosque, Nettle, Mullah, Mesqali, Vorhe, Abi, Black Elf, Lughan, Shamama, Kheirandish, Sangunq, Mosque, Public, Royal Sa G, Valencia.

The grape a sweet and very tasty fruit that, in addition to included in the food chain, can bound to treat certain diseases and therefore have medicinal uses. This fruit has different colors and sizes and is named after this property. Grapes generally have many varieties and divided into two groups of seed and seed, which red, black, yellow, and almost green, and according to the same seed or seed And sell. It should noted that wholesale sweet grape of Urmia has high sales and market share.

The best-selling grapes on the market include Asgary and Raisins and Angus Seedless and Sapphire.
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