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Biggest company of kiwi exporter

As one of the largest producers of kiwis in the world, Iran has lots of companies exporting the high quality fruits to all the corners of the globe. The Biggest company of kiwi exporter sends most of the exported Iranian kiwis over to the fresh fruit markets in the Middle East and West Asia.

Kiwis popularity worldwide

Over the past few decades, kiwis have turned into one of the most popular fresh fruits in the world, and have fans from all the countries. They are also very popular as a flavor and can be found on products in every corner supermarket. These amazing fruits have a really amazing sweet taste and vibrant green and yellow colors which have made them popular for people of all ages.

More and more countries are beginning to produce kiwis on large commercial scales and the future for this amazing healthy fruit is very bright. The Biggest company of kiwi exporter all over the world, know the increasing popularity of them, and try to include kiwis among their annual exports by any means possible.

Kiwis popularity worldwide

Health benefits of kiwis

Kiwis a true definition of a miracle fruit and packed with so much vitamins and minerals. It is truly hard to find a fruit as healthy and delicious as these green exotic kiwis. They are one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C, and can help boost the immune system and prevent a lot of different small and serious diseases.

The black seeds in these fruits are also full of vitamin D, which is very rare among fruits. Besides having these vitamins, these fruits are low on calories, fat and sugars, which makes them ideal for people on diets and athletes. They are also full of dietary fibers and can give the consumer a feeling of being full for longer periods of time.

The Biggest company of kiwi exporter all over the world, have helped popularize the fruits by informing the public about the amazing health benefits of kiwis.

Health benefits of kiwis

International kiwi exports

Very few countries in the world produce kiwis on commercial scales and the few that do, always have an eye for the international markets. Kiwis considered to be a popular and exotic option on the international fruit and vegetable markets and they are always in very high demands. The Biggest company of kiwi exporters always try to add kiwis to their products and have no difficulty selling the fruits.

As one of the largest producers of the fruit, Iran is a main supplier among the Middle Eastern and West Asian countries. Large quantities of the fruit shipped every year to the markets of countries like Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and Iraq. They generally exported for fresh consumption and have the quality to be among the top shelf products.

With this popularity, the future for the Iranian kiwi industry is very bright.

International kiwi exports

Kiwi production in Iran

A few decades ago, the northern regions of Iran began the production of kiwis as an option to replace citrus production, which at time, had lots of problems with the climates and pests. Due to the perfect suitable weather of the northern Iran, and the care and love of the farmers, these regions expanded the kiwi production. Today, Iran is the largest producer of kiwis in the Middle East, and is also among the top five producers of the world.

Iran produces nearly half a million tons of this amazing fruit every year, and is able to supply its own markets and also, export some to the neighboring countries. Every year, Biggest company of kiwi exporter send this amazing product to many fruit and vegetable markets in every corner of the globe. There also other cultivars of kiwis added to the Iranian production circle over the past few years which allows the farmers to produce golden kiwis.

Iranian kiwis are grown organically, and have the best quality and taste. This makes them ideal for fresh consumption and many importers prefer them over the products from other countries.

The kiwis are also very nutritious and full of different useful vitamins and minerals.
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