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Kiwi fruit dealers

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Kiwi packaging for exportKiwi fruit dealersThe price of the cheapest kiwi for export
Kiwi fruit dealers

One of the most active Kiwi fruit dealers in Iran is Vitarad Group of Companies, which has always tried to announce a satisfactory price for gardeners because it has major exports and purchases of kiwifruit to the markets of different countries every year.
The purchase of exported kiwis has also started with the beginning of the harvest of this fruit in the northern provinces of Iran. Most gardeners who get the most out of their orchards each year work with Vitarad.

Kiwi packaging for export

If you go to kiwi-rich areas in the country while harvesting and packing this fruit, you will find that every Kiwi fruit dealers with different packaging exports its product to domestic or foreign markets.

But I want to guide you further in this regard. Packaging for export is done in two types of baskets or cartons.

Basket and even carton packaging in different weights such as:

  • 2.5 kg
  • 4 kg
  • 7 kg
  • 10 kg

Are packed. Baskets or cartons often weigh 70 or more, and other packages come in a variety of weights and are sold.

Kiwi fruit dealers

Iran is also one of the largest producers of kiwifruit. The production centers distribute them in different packages all over the country after production, each of which has different prices. Fresh kiwis are sold in different ways that you can prepare and use them in person or in person. This fruit is also sold online, which you can order at any time of the day and night and receive it at the desired location.
The Kiwi fruit dealers prepares this type of fruit from production centers and sells it in special packages. There are different types of kiwis that differ in size, color and taste. Sellers of exported kiwis sell them at different prices.

The price of the cheapest kiwi for export

To know the price of exported kiwi, you must explore the prices on a daily basis, because this fruit, like any other fruit, fluctuates in terms of price. Remember that the best season to buy kiwifruit for export is mid-autumn to late winter. As we said, Iran is the fourth largest kiwi producer in the world, with most applicants coming from Russia, India and Turkey.
But it is important to be able to have the daily rate of kiwis. For this reason, companies that have worked in this direction consider both price and quality important. In this case, they announce the price of kiwi according to the available advantages and follow their sale. In this way, people can be seen who will definitely buy these products with the highest quality and take advantage of their advantages.

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