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Kiwi fruit price in pakistan

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Buy kiwi directly from the gardenGreen kiwi production in IranKiwi fruit price in pakistan
Kiwi fruit price in pakistan

Kiwi fruit price in pakistan for distribution in the consumer market can be obtained from the wholesale distribution centers of the product and the real price of the product can be returned to the farmer to buy the tasty kiwi product and the profit from buying and selling the product.

You can easily get the Kiwi fruit price in pakistan through websites and fruit distribution stores.

Distribution of agricultural and horticultural products through websites will not have the cost of product supply and transportation.

Websites that have good credibility and ranking from Google are one of the best places to offer and distribute the product.

Green kiwi in the internet market has no geographical and time restrictions and you can access it at any time.

Buy kiwi directly from the garden

Increasing the prosperity of agricultural production should be accompanied by the growth and growth of new agricultural and horticultural equipment. It is necessary to increase and prosper the market for buying and selling agricultural products in terms of exports and creating a new market.

Kiwi harvest from Mazandaran and Gilan orchards begins around November every year and lasts for about a month.

Buying kiwifruit directly from kiwi orchards can give the farmer the advantage of not having to pay for storage and cold storage.

The direct purchase of kiwifruit from orchards by conversion industries has increased the farmer’s income and not witnessed fruit waste.

The prosperity of green kiwi in the export market with the support of the government and the necessary facilities in the region and the appropriate time of harvest is needed.

Green kiwi production in Iran

Kiwi has been brought to New Zealand from China since the beginning of the 20th century, where it is grown for trade; Italy is known as the first kiwi producer in the world with a production of 500,000 tons.

Talesh city has the highest level of kiwifruit cultivation and the highest harvest in the country.

Recent droughts have shifted kiwi trees to northern cities instead of rice.

The suitable climatic compatibility of these kiwi trees in Iran and the large volume of harvest is a boom in green kiwi production in the market.

Kiwi orchards are expanding day by day in the cities of Gilan and Mazandaran and increasing annual production.

Kiwi fruit price in pakistan

Kiwi fruit price in pakistan

Green kiwi in the market is associated with the quality of harvest time. The Kiwi fruit price in pakistan in the fruit market today can be obtained through a reputable website and easily one click for yourself and you can remember the real price of the product with confidence.

Annually, about 300 thousand tons of kiwi are produced in the country, of which about 200 thousand tons of kiwi production is related to Mazandaran.

Talesh and Tonekabon cities have been the most cultivated areas of kiwi orchards in Iran due to the favorable climate.

Tonekabon announced the export of 100 tons of green kiwis in the export market from this city to Uzbekistan in 2015.

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