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Kiwi fruit selling companies

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How to produce fresh export kiwi?Kiwi fruit selling companies
Kiwi fruit selling companies

Fresh export kiwi offered by Kiwi fruit selling companies in different centers in Iran, especially in the northern region of Iran is grown with very high quality. The quality of this fruit is so high that its mass production is on the agenda. Also, the centers that produce greenhouse fruits do not stop producing fresh kiwi so that this delicious fruit is available to customers all year round. With the supply of fresh kiwi in bulk, this popular fruit is available at a reasonable price and in high volumes in all parts of Iran and outside Iran.

How to produce fresh export kiwi?

Kiwi is one of the most popular and delicious fruits that has a positive effect on the human digestive system. This fruit is one of the native fruits of southern China that can be harvested in Iran. Fresh kiwifruit is produced in large quantities for export in Iran. In fact, with the production of 200,000 tons of this fruit per year, Iran is the fourth largest producer of kiwifruit in the world, and kiwifruit produced in Iran is of high quality and the countries of the Persian Gulf are among The main applicants are Iranian kiwis.

Due to the fact that this fruit has many applicants, so producers active in the field of agriculture in Iran, in the process of producing fresh kiwi use up-to-date methods to be able to increase the quality of this export fruit. With the increase in the quality of this fruit, the number of its applicants will increase and this product will experience a thriving sale.

Iranian export kiwi is grown in two ways: greenhouse and natural. Naturally harvested kiwis are often grown in the northern part of Iran, especially in Mazandaran. Because the climate of this region is quite suitable for the growth of kiwi tree and this region has very fertile soil.
Greenhouse kiwis are also produced in various centers, and these products are always grown according to the standards set for growing kiwi trees. Therefore, their quality is not inferior to the quality of natural fresh kiwis.

Kiwi fruit selling companies

Kiwis produced in Iran are of high quality. Therefore, this product has attracted many applicants abroad.

Middle Eastern countries, especially those living in the Persian Gulf neighborhood, are big fans of Iran’s newly exported kiwi pills. As a result, large volumes of this fruit are exported to these countries annually.

Kiwi fruit selling companies of freshly exported kiwi also offers this high quality and delicious fruit in the domestic market according to customers’ orders, so that Iranian consumers can obtain quality fresh kiwi for export at a reasonable price and for export you can contact to Kiwi fruit selling companies in iran.

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