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Iranian Hayward kiwi price in 2021

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The largest producer of kiwisThe main market of kiwi in IranIranian Hayward kiwi price in 2021Iranian kiwi price in Bangalore
Iranian Hayward kiwi price in 2021

According to our studies, the Iranian Hayward kiwi price in 2021 may reach its highest level in the Iranian market. It is a conclusion that all these factors alone can be influential factors in the Iranian Hayward kiwi price in 2021.
But last year, the Iranian Hayward kiwi price in 2021 was about 30% lower. Of course, in the new year, there are currently one to two months left until the harvest time, and there may be other factors by that time that cause problems for Iran’s kiwifruit exports, in which case the price in orchards and cold storages. Falls. Of course, due to its high shelf life, Iranian kiwi can be stored in refrigerators for 6 to 10 months, and until then, gardeners or refrigerators may not be willing to sell high-quality kiwifruit for export to be able to manage market price control.

The largest producer of kiwis

The largest producer of kiwifruit in Iran is always trying to expand its trade to have different customers from European and Asian countries to be able to sell its products in high volume in the garden or after harvest every year.
The Iranian Hayward kiwi price in 2021, which is currently increasing, these groups have also tried to avoid selling their Hayward kiwifruit in orchards, and this is a very important issue in reducing sales and thus increasing the price in this Be in between.

In 2021, Vitarad Trading Group, by identifying exemplary gardeners in the kiwi-rich regions of Iran, intends to

  • Green Hayward Kiw
  • Blood Kiwi
  • Golden Kiwi

In various and stylish packages such as

  • plastic basket
  • Cartoon and cartoon Plast

And provide it to its buyers in all parts of the world in sizes specific to the target markets.

Iranian Hayward kiwi price in 2021

The main market of kiwi in Iran

But outside of all the topics in this article, if we want to mention the main kiwi market in Iran, there are several countries from Europe, Asia and even Africa that buy Iranian kiwi in different varieties every year according to their market capacity. .
One of the main markets in which Vitarad Group and several other exporting companies have the highest sales and exports, is the Indian market, which has a population of more than 1.3 billion people, is the largest importer of green Hayward kiwifruit from Iran. goes.
In recent years, this group, which has been able to open a representative and sales office in Mumbai by expanding its markets in this country, has been able to cooperate with the businessmen of this country, in addition to kiwi, apple and dates in the state. To sell different products in the north and south of India, and fortunately, the success of Vitarad Group in this field has led to the Iranian Chamber of Commerce to introduce this collection as a national sample exporter.

Iranian Hayward kiwi price in 2021

With the proper management of Vitarad brokers, the Iranian Hayward kiwi price in 2021 will always be stable compared to the domestic market of Iran, and this planning has been done so that customers who continuously buy more than a thousand tons every year can cooperate. Hold steady.

Iranian Hayward kiwi price in 2021

Iranian kiwi price in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the most important states in India

  • Bombay
  • Delhi
  • Chenai

It is the most bought and sold Iranian kiwi and in fact it has been the fourth center of Hayward kiwi exports from Iran.
Therefore, in recent years, kiwifruit exporters in Iran have long-term plans for this region that if we can make Bangalore one of the kiwifruit import centers of Iran in the coming years we will certainly be able to increase the volume of Sell ‚Äč‚Äčthis fruit.
According to documents and surveys conducted by the Bandar Abbas Customs Office, in 2020, the amount of Iranian kiwifruit exports to Bangalore was over 9,000 tons, and if this amount continues or even increases in 2021, the rate of Iranian kiwifruit in the year will increase. 1400 As mentioned in the paragraph above can have a great impact on increasing the selling price of this fruit in the orchards, which we will try in the next articles on this issue and our plans, appropriate solutions to keep the kiwi price constant. Let’s mention Hayward Iran in 2021.

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