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Kiwi exporting companies

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Kiwis in the worldKiwi exporting companiesWhich country kiwi is better?Yellow and red kiwi prices
Kiwi exporting companies

Kiwi exporting companies in different countries have their own markets and package and offer prices at the request of their customers. In Iran, a group of kiwi exporting companies are active. As in previous years, they receive a large volume of requests from the foreign market, which are the main importers of this fruit, and carry out significant exports.

Vitarad Company in Iran annually exports more than 50,000 tons of Iranian Hayward kiwifruit to all parts of the world.
This company is one of the kiwi exporting companies that has created a smoother route for kiwi trade by having specialized working groups in the field of harvesting and transportation, and many foreign buyers who want to buy Iranian kiwi can easily trade with this group. They do it themselves because it does all the steps and process of exporting kiwi to them at the lowest price.

Kiwis in the world

If you increase your knowledge about kiwi, you will see that kiwi, unlike other fruits, does not have different varieties, and only 4 types of this fruit have been found in the producing countries, which is the most important and best-selling kiwi in foreign markets. :

  • Green Hayward Kiwi
  • Yellow kiwi
  • Red Kiwi
  • Kiwi baby

Among these four figures, the highest amount of harvest and export from producing countries, especially Iran, is the green Hayward kiwi, whose selling price for export is lower than other species.

Of course, in some countries, such as:

  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Chile
  • New Zealand
  • China

Also, these cultivars can be harvested in large quantities from orchards, but according to the field studies and researches that we had from our target markets, the main export of kiwi from each of these countries is related to green Hayward kiwi, whose skin color is brown-gold and inside it is brown. Green with fine black seeds.

Kiwi exporting companies

Kiwi exporting companies

Vitarad Trading Group has been able to analyze the major buyer countries in order to be able to export its kiwi to the largest kiwi importers in the world on a large and continuous basis. Even in these countries, different kiwi cultivars are imported annually from rival producing countries with the highest volume and only the vacancy of Iranian kiwi has been evident in them.

According to statistics obtained from reputable foreign sites, the major buyers of kiwis in the world are from European countries and some Asian countries, which can be

  • Germany
  • England
  • Russia
  • India
  • Canada
  • Sweden

The index price per kilo of kiwi in the market of these countries is equal to the world rate and many kiwi producing countries in the world have created a very strong market in them and annually export a large amount of different kiwi cultivars to these countries.

Which country kiwi is better?

In this article, we mentioned the countries producing kiwi as well as the largest importers of this fruit in the world, but in this paragraph we want to introduce you to the best type of kiwi in terms of shelf life, quality and taste so that you know which country kiwi and which cultivars for Shopping is better.
In most kiwi-producing countries, kiwi seedlings have been irradiated with ultraviolet light by kiwi exporting companies or companies affiliated with the Atomic Energy Organization.

Irradiation of seeds of plants and trees by this radiation causes all good and harmful pests to be completely eliminated. The result of this radiation is the increase in the shelf life of kiwi, but it completely destroys the taste of kiwi. Unfortunately, in most kiwi-producing countries in the world, this has been done in the past years and is still being done today.

The only country that has not been able to use this system and offer healthy and organic products to foreign markets is Iran. Each of the species harvested from Iranian orchards has a natural taste of this fruit, even due to the climatic conditions that exist in Iran, has led to the shelf life of some varieties such as green Hayward kiwi for up to a year in the cold storage. Are fixed.
Kiwi exporting companies in Iran have more complete information in this regard. Even these Kiwi exporting companies know that Iranian kiwi can have a much higher position in the most important target markets in Europe, so we try to be able to index Iran’s kiwi export index. To the countries that are in the first level in the field of importing this fruit.

Kiwi exporting companies

Yellow and red kiwi prices

Another species that has the highest demand for export after green Howard kiwi is yellow kiwi and red kiwi. This type of kiwi is often harvested in all producing countries, even the selling price of yellow kiwi and blood kiwi compared to Howard kiwi. It has been so high in world markets that if the world price of Hayward kiwifruit in European markets is around 8 euros, the selling price of blood kiwi and yellow kiwi will be about 30% higher.
In Iran, most gardeners in recent years have always tried to be able to increase their production of these two cultivars. Hayward, which has been stored in refrigerators for six months since October, does not have as much storage capacity as the two kiwis and must be sold for export within two to three months.
Even kiwi exporting companies in Iran have realized this issue and are registering orders to buy blood kiwi and yellow kiwi on a custom basis.
Even kiwi exporting companies in Iran have realized this issue and are registering orders to buy blood kiwi and yellow kiwi on a custom basis. Dear customers, if you have a request to buy yellow kiwi and red kiwi from Iran, you should finally register your order by the end of October.

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