Green grape on sale

Iranian green grape on sale

Green grapes are one of the most popular grape types for fresh consumption and Iran is actually one of the biggest producers of them and has a lot of Iranian Green grape on sale every year. There are a lot of different varieties of green grapes that both seeded and seedless and com in different […]

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Rish Baba grape

Iranian Rish Baba grape for exports

Rish baba is a grape cultivar local to Iran and is farmed all over the country, with long shaped grapes and distinctly great flavor. Iranian Rish Baba grapes for export, contains a big part of the Iranian grape exports, and is produced in some states of the country on a commercial scale. This kind of […]

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Iranian grape varieties

Iranian grape varieties for sales

Iran is among the top grape producing countries of the world which produces more than 3 million tons of grapes annually and also exports its finest products to more than 70 countries of the world. There are also a lot of high quality Iranian grape varieties that are available for sale internationally. Grapes are an […]

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