Iranian green kiwi

Wholesale Iranian green kiwi

Kiwis categorized under exotic fruits, and today are among the most popular and exciting fruits on the international markets which have amazing health benefits as well. Iran is the 4th largest producer of kiwis in the world and there are many wholesale Iranian green kiwi exports every year. Kiwis grown in areas with cool humid […]

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Iranian kiwi fruit

Iranian kiwi fruit suppliers

The northern states of Iran are the only and the biggest Iranian kiwi fruit suppliers, with their products supplying the Iranian and international fruit markets. These Iranian kiwis come in a variety of shapes and colors, and are extremely popular and in high demands over the international markets. Iranian kiwi fruits are amazing product of […]

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golden kiwi fruit price

Iranian golden kiwi fruit price

Golden kiwi fruit one of the fruits produced in Northern part of Iran and it is very popular among the consumers. The Iranian golden kiwi fruit price is not expensive with regard to the quality of the fruit which produced and provided to the international market. Kiwi fruit produced in different varieties, but the golden […]

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