Purchase price of grapes from iran

Purchase price of grapes from Iran

There are different types of grapes exported to Iran: Askari, Shahani, Yaghouti, Razegi, Lal, Khorusi, Gohar, Maragheh, Mosque, Mullah, Kuznaghi and Magali are some of them. The purchase price of grapes from Iran to Iran. One of the most famous grapes in Iran is Kashmar grapes. Purchase price of grape from Iran varies according to […]

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Price of grapes

Cheapest price of grapes for export

Iran is one of the main suppliers of fresh table grapes in the Middle East region and offers some of the cheapest price of grapes for exports among these countries. The products of this country are also extremely high quality, and a favorite among all of the foreign importing markets in the world. Iranian grapes […]

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Pikami grapes

Wholesale price of Pikami grapes

Pikamis are one of the most popular grape cultivars in the world, which produced on very large scales in Iran. Iran exports these amazing table grapes to many different countries in the world and the wholesale price of Pikami grapes of Iran are different according to the destination. Pikami grapes are among the most popular […]

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